Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ho Ho Yo Joe! G.I.Joe Santa Claus

I first want to say thanks to Ratfink customs for posting his method for creating the stand labels. It is very easy and I think it finishes the figure nicely. This figure was something I have wanted for a few years. About four years ago I did a photo with my Mom in law's Santa that was about 4 inches high holding a 50 cal. That was the original birth of this figure.  Unfortunatly, the pic is on my old computer and I cannot get it for this post. This figure uses a POTC Blackbeard head that was modded and a arctic SE body. The rest is Joe accessories and paint. I plan on making him a toy bag like i made for my Rick Grimes figure and will post up pics of that when done. Lastly, I want to say Merry Christmas!


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